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Website is here!

Nov 8, 2018

After many months of work, our website is now fully completed and live. We have many pages aimed for specific information, all being fully reactive between every device type and size, with a colour scheme reflecting a AA accessibility rating. This rating reflects the level of accessibility and usability on measures such as colour schemes, font sizes, control sizes and so on.

About – This is our home page with our newly defined identity and aims. These are now used across all our media, you will be seeing this more often. The images indicate the locations we have branches and puppet sculptures indicating inequality and actions, courtesy of one of our members.

News – This will contain short posts related to views and events in the subject areas we campaingn in and information about the group. It also included an up to date feed of our tweets, which contains the very latest snippets of information from us.

Activities – Previous activities hosted or carried out by the group, such as debates, film screenings and other events. Future activities such as events hosted by us or our related organisations, as well as our regular branch meetings will be detailed here.

Articles – Longer publications from our members.

Contact – Send a message to us, sign up to our mailing list, or provide feedback on our website.